Ether One developers discuss patch and bug fixes

Manchester-based independent game developers WhitePaperGames, have issued a statement regarding an upcoming patch for their PlayStation 4 title Ether One - along with possible bug fixes you can do right now.

"We're hoping the patch will go out in the next couple of days - it may even potentially be today. We've addressed everyone's issues and we feel confident that we've got 99% of them out of the way. As ever though, if you download the patch and you feel as though something isn't working the way it should please do get in touch with us and we'll do our best to isolate the issue. You can either email me at pete.bottomley(at)whitepapergames(dot)com or on Twitter @WhitePaperGames - we try to get through everyone's comments on Facebook also but it's very easy to lose track of comments on there!

We've [also] noticed a few people are experiencing drops in framerate when they're in the level for a prolonged period of time. A [temporary] fix for this is to go to the PS menu screen (without leaving the game) and when you return to Ether One the framerate will be reset - it's a weird fix but we are looking into what's causing this.

People have also noted that their [PlayStation 4] console fans are getting quite loud whilst playing. This isn't happening with everyone and we're unable to reproduce it on our end. This will also be an ongoing tasks for us to fix however if anyone is able to provide any additional information about any specific points this may be happening then we'd love to know!"

Also make sure to be on the lookout for an upcoming in-depth interview with WhitePaperGames shortly.

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WhitePaperGames is a Manchester based game development team formed in 2012 and known for first-person puzzle title Ether One.

The game has since been ported to the PlayStation 4 and is available as one of the Instant Game Collection titles for PlayStation Plus in May.

News by: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 10th May 2015