what I would like to see at E3.

You can instantly tell when E3 is just around the corner, every day youíll find news sites brimming with coverage and leaks, attempting to build up hype for what is always a disappointment. When the bright-lights fade and the conferences end, youíll ask yourself why all the build-up for that?

Then a year passes, memories fade and the cycle continues once again. I thought I would give the top five things I want to see at this E3, the likelihood of any of them happening bar one or two is extremely unlikely. But youíll know if they do happen, Iíll be one happy camper!

Gameplay Trailers

Of the five, gameplay trailers are the most likely to happen, at least for titles releasing this year. The biggest problem is the new reveals, those games no where near that Ďvertical sliceí of progress in development, where marketing teams are unable able to cobble an actual gameplay in video form at all.

And in a current climate where Publishers put out Amazon pre-order links before a game developer's computer has even been turned on, itís become an unfortunate regular occurrence about creating hype for a title. Sizzle trailers created by CG studios such as Blur Studio are proven to work, even if the product advertised has no bearing on what you will actually receive on launch - made worse by trailers using target render gameplay - basically deceiving any potential audience into purchasing.

If we cared enough about such things they would be illegal, stamped down upon as false advertising. But people pre-order - money talks - and the perpetuation of false advertising marches forward.

E3 Gameplay Trailer

The Last Guardian

First revealed all the way back in 2009, with constant whispers of the title being cancelled ever since. But Sony have continually confirmed itís still in development every step of the way, with the most recent rumours revealing that PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny, is now helping the title come to fruition.

Whether The Last Guardian ultimately looks anything like that original Team Ico vision is anybodyís guess, moving from one system to another (first announced for PlayStation 3), and creator Fumito Ueda moving towards a more contractual role within Sony Japan Studio. But The Last Guardian is a title that at least needs to be hinted at this year, itís been far too long stirring in the bowels of Sony - every year fans hope to see a glimpse or even a mention of it.

The real problem with titles like this, the same as Duke Nukem before it - is that they can never live up to the hype, through sheer time investment placed upon it. But regardless of itís quality, The Last Guardian needs to be released, just so we can close the chapter and move on.

E3 The Last Guardian

New Sony PlayStation Vita Titles

I honestly think The Last Guardian is more likely than any new PlayStation Vita titles this year. And no Iím not talking about ports of already established PC Indie games or PlayStation console iterations. What Iím looking for is original new first-party games for a system that has currently been relegated to 3rd party support, with the latest first-party Sony offering being the Japanese role-playing game Oreshika.

Itís all the more unlikely with rumours (and logic) surrounding the move of Gravity Rush 2 (or a reboot) to the PlayStation 4 - and whilst I would agree Gravity Rush is a game that deserves more mainstream attention, it just creates one extra reason to not own a PlayStation Vita. After all of these console generations, we know perfectly well what sells hardware - the games. Producing a myriad of fantastic titles - and marketing them - brings in sales. Thatís not to say the PlayStation Vita handheld doesnít already house some quality titles, itís just that it needs far more that you can only find, on that particular system.

E3 Gravity Rush


As Ryo combined the sword with the Phoenix Mirror inside a cave, activating a device to reveal two large mirrors - the screen faded to black - the story goes on, it stated - except it never did. That was the end of Shenmue 2 and that was 16 years ago on the Dreamcast - we never got to see what happened next.

So for over a decade fans have been clamouring non-stop for a sequel or heck, even an HD upgrade at this point. Anything to re-ignite that chance of fans getting to see the conclusion to the story of Ryo Hazuki and his search for his father's killer. And now more than ever, seems like the best opportunity, with creator Yu Suzuki vocal about wanting to return to the series and owners SEGA willing to team up with third-parties to bring their products to life (as has been shown with the upcoming Yakuza 5). Itís most likely to happen with Sony, if itís going to happen at all and maybe the Yakuza deal was the first step into something bigger - we can only dream!

E3 Shenmue

To Be Surprised

These are the things I enjoy most about E3 - being surprised. And itís getting harder and harder every year as the internet attaches itself to every rumour; some even exploiting their positions within the industry to leak information - thingís just arenít like they used to be.

But once in a while it happens, like a ray of sun through the clouds we get a surprise. For all the remakes, numbered sequels and spin-offs in the gaming world - that make my eyes glaze over as if Iím watching an infomercial - they are not a matter of if, just when. So it's nice to be completely surprised with something completely unexpected.

Thatís what Iím hoping for this year - as I do every year - even if none of the above come to fruition, itís the surprises that stick with you long after E3 has ended and the gaming Ďjournalistsí around the world gather, to pick apart the reveals like vultures on a corpse.

E3 Surprises

What do you want to see at E3? Let me know in the comments below.


E3 - otherwise known as the Electronic Gaming Expo - is an annual trade-fair revealing all the latest titles releasing in the near future, within the video game industry. These days the event's conferences are broadcasted online for the masses to watch.

The first true E3 event began in 1995, which was when Sony first revealed their Sony PlayStation console - the E3 event garnered 50,000 attendees from within the industry paving it's future.

Opinion of: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 14th June 2015