Every walker shops at the same store.

Please note the review below may contain spoilers of Season 5 and beyond.

The Walking Dead has finally returned to our screens - the real Walking Dead, not that Fear The Walking Dead crap - last we left Rick and crew, they had found a new home in the walled Alexandria and Rick had gone full-Shane in brutally executing Pete - you never go full-Shane. Meanwhile Daryl and Aaron (who has since seemingly now disappeared) were rescued by Morgan and led back to the compound to reunite with Rick.

And here we are - as if to mock Fear The Walking Dead, with itís zombie-vacant city of Los Angeles - ĎFirst Time Againí opens in the middle of nowhere with a quarry containing thousands of walkers and Rick barking orders - at a larger contingent of Alexandrians than season 5 had ended with - seemingly about a plan we are yet to realise.

Only whoopsie, the one truck holding this giant horde at bay has decided to try out for the Olympic diving team, it just couldnít wait any longer - not to worry though guys, as Daryl has his crossbow handy to take them all on. In a moment of now or never, Rick orderís this newfangled plan into motion - you would have hoped that the survivors of The Walking Dead had learned by now, that plans in this show work about as well as Phil Millerís in The Last Man On Earth.

Post-opening, The Walking Dead has turned full-noir on us and joining the cast is Marv from Sin City, oh wait thatís Rick, who has decided to use Alexandriaís entire plaster supply on his face - god help the next guy who needs a plaster. But no time for that, plaster-face has to greet his old buddy Morgan - only, yeah we had best put him in an evaluation room somewhere, never trust a guy with a stick who seems to have his shit together.

Morgan since the time apart has travelled to Asia to learn stick-fu, the art of zen - well that is unless it involves peanut butter protein bars - and seems to be in a much better place than where Rick had left him. Rick on the other hand has changed - a lot - content with murdering dumb people, just because it makes survival easier - in this Iím fully onboard with him, they only end up getting you or someone else killed.

With every black guy suffering a timely demise in last season (Morgan doesnít count, he knows stick-fu) of The Walking Dead, the show was in need of a new token black guy - enter Heath and his expendable friends. Explaining to Eugene that they were sent on a Star Trek away mission prior to Rick and crews arrival by compound leader Deeana, theyíre just what the Alexandria coincidentally needs - gotta love those plot devices.

First order of business; burying the body of Pete and the murdered Reg - only Pete isnít deemed fit to have a grave and itís decided Rick and Morgan will bury his body a few miles West - with zombies throughout the globe, who realistically has time to be digging coffin-sized holes everywhere anyway? Alas cue the first dumb person to try and get himself killed, as Peteís son wishing to know where his dad is buried follows - on foot - Rick and Morgan who are travelling in a truck - he must have powers of The Flash, where was he when Beth was abducted?

Coincidentally (that happens a lot if you havenít noticed) the pair - after saving the useless kid, may as well kill him now I say - stumble upon the quarry full of walkers that the episode opened with - I donít see the big deal personally, the zombies are all just waiting around for the band to turn up. Back in Alexandria, Rick gathers everyone for a meeting on how they are going to deal with this threat, only one of the new faces (Carter) isnít so convinced by the raving lunatic that is Rick - who can blame him.

But with a little help from the faux-stepford housewife that is Carol, the group are all onboard - the plan; to try and lure the mass of walkers far away from Alexandria. So like an episode of the A-Team, the crew get to work building fences to block off a road intersection, and littering cars at every possible exit to box the shambling-horde in.

With the plan in full-swing, Daryl leads the charge on his newly restored bike at a blistering 5mph, beside him are Sasha and Abraham en-route in a car - the latter of which takes intervals to run around in the woods like a madman to keep the walkers on the straight and narrow - Sasha understandably is trying to keep distant from the group, knowing she has the touch of death with the resume to back it up.

Glenn meanwhile is seeking the aid of Heath and Nicholas - who is aiming for redemption, after getting Chris Rock Jr. killed and then in turn trying to kill Glenn - in clearing out a zombie-filled building just a bit further up the road - lest the horde of walkers get distracted from their path by the noise. With the building clear, it looks like this plan is going to be a success.

Oh we spoke to soon - Carter (who nearly lasted a full episode, well done) has become zombie chow and is making quite the racket. Thatís okay though, Rick is here to ease his suffering - I mean up his murder count, heís a full blown serial-killer at this point - with that problem taken care of, the massive horde slowly moves down the road and away from Alexandria. That is until a loud horn, seemingly originating from Alexandria itself spooks both Rick and the horde, causing them to change direction and head straight for the compound. I love it when a plan comes together.

So thatís the penultimate episode in the bag, what did you guys think? Has the ghost of Lori returned once again to get behind a wheel and crash into Alexandria? Are Carol and Carl back at the compound baking cookies and sharpening knives? And who will be the next Alexandria dummy to die? Weíll hopefully find out on the next episode titled ĎJSSí.

Also if you guys want me to make this a regular thing every week, just let me know in the comments below.

  • Review by
    David Robinson

    Twitter: @5ypher

    Posted on
    13th October 2015

  • 4 Out of 5 Stars
  • Plot devices ahoy!

  • Serial-killer Rick

    Stick-Fu Morgan

    Horde of walkers

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Daredevil - Netflix The Walking Dead - First Time Again
Rating: 18
Medium: Fox TV / AMC
Episode/s: 1 of 16
Creator: Frank Darabont
Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeunl, Lennie James, Danai Gurira & Lauren Cohan

  • Z-Nation
  • Fear The Walking Dead
  • Jericho

No. Although The Walking Dead does contain useful survival tips - if you and/or your child is indeed ever stuck in a zombie apocalypse - the show contains foul language, lots of death, dismemberment and other acts of violence.

The sixth season of The Walking Dead, available to watch on Fox TV in the UK. The season 6 opener was its biggest ratings hit yet in the UK with 887,000 viewers.