Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman!

Please note the review below may contain minor spoilers - I've done my best to keep them to a minimum.

After the success of The Lego Movie, Batman now goes it alone with his own spinoff movie as director Chris McKay brings us CG Lego-fest that is The LEGO Batman Movie - so how does it match up to its contemporaries?

As the voice of Batman himself (Will Arnett, reprising his role from The Lego Movie) narrates over the introductory logo crawl in comedic fashion, you can comfortably sit back knowing exactly what type of movie you're in for. Opening with a cargo plane carrying a literal ton of every explosive known to man whilst flying high above Gotham City - the most crime-ridden city on the planet - a good olde hijacking will come as no surprise, courtesy of everyone's favourite Joker (voiced by Zach Galifianakis).

But this time heís not alone, knowing Batman will once again scurrey his evil city-destroying plan, the clown prince has procured the help of every Gotham villain to scupper any attempt for Commissioner Gordon (Hector Elizondo) and his police force to raise help from our reclusive vigilante.

But little does Joker know that unfortunately for him this is The LEGO Batman Movie, and Batman is, well, Batman, as he proceeds to take down each and every slapstick villain backed by a rock anthem of kick ass. With the bomb defused and Gotham City saved it's time for a Batmobile victory tour as a parade with fireworks ensue, capped off with a trip to the local orphanage - where Batmanís biggest fan (Dick Grayson voiced by Michael Cera) resides - before heading home to the Batcave.

Eating dinner, alone, wearing his cowl in front of a burning fireplace, the solitude of his life begins to seep in for Bruce with Alfred (Ralph Fiennes) hinting as much. Sadly things are about to get a little worse for his alter ego also, with Jim Gordon retiring, his daughter Barbara Gordon (Rosario Dawson) now looks to revamp the Gotham City Police Department, and those plans definitely donít include Batman in its future.

Batman has had a bit of a tumultuous career within his cinematic outgoings, thankfully The LEGO Batman Movie is one of the upswings in that storied path, played with more condescending narcissism then you can throw a batarang at.

And whilst this may indeed be the more comically grizzled Dark Knight, the story surrounding him harkens back very much to his 60ís roots - plainly told it isnít up to much - merely being a vehicle to bestow the dazzling beauty of its Lego creations. This was made plainly clearly to me upon sitting down to write this review and couldnít for the life of me remember what had happened - it was all a plastic brick blur - resulting in me having to rewatch the opening 20 or so minutes again to refresh myself.

If youíve previously partook in 2014ís The Lego Movie, then youíll already be well aware of just how beautiful these CG creations can be. The LEGO Batman Movie is a pure delight in that regard, throwing everything including a Lego-filled kitchen sink into your face, with nary a missed beat in the action department - though the music is somewhat lacking.

That onslaught of creativity can be a little dizzying to the senses mind you, with the screen being so busy with not only the constant stream of mesmerising Lego bricks transforming before you, but even whole beautifully separate animations happening in the background, creating the feeling of your brain shifting out of focus, unable to take all its stopmotion-looking goodness in, which is a shame as the movie is a heap of fun - especially if you're a Batman fan.

The LEGO Batman Movie (Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes, Hector Elizondo and Zach Galifianakis)

For a while now fans have wanted a Batman film which prods and pokes at the sheer silliness of our favourite caped crusader, of a Batman that takes himself so serious - mummy and daddy issues et al - whilst draped in his usual world of comic absurdity. The LEGO Batman Movie provides that dream in spades. With a whole gaggle of gags that hit more often than not and - whilst the humour is indeed very immature - still manages to give a wink and a nod to the adults watching, by slipping in a more raunchy joke or two in there, which is really a must for any parent partaking in what is essentially a kids movie.

And for most kids, the non-stop action and funny quips coming out of The LEGO Batman Movie will be enough to satiate them for a little over an hour and half, but itíll be those with a vested knowledge of Batman and his veritable selection box of bad guys thatíll get a real kick from this caped creation. The animation team have really dug deep to include practically every known and unknown - not to mention completely useless - villain and tidbit from the Gotham universe, even throwing in a few characters from other WB franchises for good measure.

When all is said and done The LEGO Batman Movie is a great laugh for the most part and just a delight to take in visually.

Special Features

One Brick At A Time - A roughly 15 minute long making of documentary that delves deep into the creation process of The LEGO Batman Movie, from concept, voice acting, storyboards and even making the Lego models themselves - itís a must for any fan.

Sadly the UK home entertainment DVD release of The LEGO Batman Movie receives only a single special feature, and whilst it is indeed a great watch, I canít help but feel shortchanged especially when the UK blu-ray and US release received 5 brand new short films for fans to peruse through.

Bombastic in its visuals and splattering one hilarious gag after another at you - that land for the most part - The LEGO Batman Movie really is a must watch for any fan of the brooding vigilante. Whilst the story is pretty tame and the UK DVD home release is marred by a lack of special features, it more than makes up for it in sheer style.

Likewise if youíre looking for a fun family movie this summer, then The LEGO Batman Movie is the perfect buy, certain to entertain both you and your children for as long as it lasts.

A DVD review copy of The LEGO Batman Movie was provided by the distributor for review purposes.

  • Review by
    David Robinson

    Twitter: @5ypher

    Posted on
    19th June 2017

  • 3 Out of 5 Stars
  • Forgettable story

    Can be a visual overload

    Lack of special features

  • Beautifully crafted

    Just plain fun

    One Brick At A Time

    Gags galore

Film Info

The LEGO Batman Movie The LEGO Batman Movie
Rating: U
Release Date: 19th June
Runtime: 1 hr 44 min
Director: Chris McKay
Starring: Will Arnett, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes, Hector Elizondo & Zach Galifianakis

  • The Lego Movie
  • Lego Batman: the Movie
  • Wreck-It Ralph

Yes, the film contains comic violence and a few jokes of sexual innuendo.

All vehicles and characters in the movie were first created for real at the Lego headquaters in Denmark.

Batman's crazy laugh is actually voiced by the director, Chris McKay. It was originally a placeholder before Will Arnett's laugh was to be put in, but never ended up being changed.

Voice actor Will Arnett acknowledges that the raspy, whispery voice he uses for the Batman character is the same voice he uses with his children when he's giving them important parenting information.