It may be Old... but it's not obsolete.

Please note the review below may contain minor spoilers - I've done my best to keep them to a minimum.

5 years have passed since the plodding future-frolic that was Terminator Salvation, but this time we are travelling back in time once again - to stop Judgement Day. Thankfully Terminator: Genisys concentrates on the mythos of The Terminator and Terminator 2 films ignoring the far inferior sequels.

Terminator: Genisys begins on the premise of the original 1984 film The Terminator - John Connor (Jason Clarke) is leading the human resistance against Skynet and on the verge of victory, the machines in their last ditch effort for survival send a Terminator - a T-800 model to be exact - back in time to kill his mother Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke).

John already knew this would happen, growing up with the knowledge of the future that his own mother had instilled in him - knowing this, he sends Kyle Reese (Jai Courtney, in his best role to date sans Spartacus) back to 1984, to save his mother from said Terminator and in essence foster his own existence. Itís all trodden ground we have been through before, but Terminator: Genisys diverges when Kyle arrives at his eventual destination where everything has changed.

As a naked Kyle enters 1984 Los Angeles, he is instantly targeted by a liquid T-1000 model Terminator, confused and running for his life - whilst gathering an assortment of clothes of course - he is rescued by Sarah Connor, who is accompanied by an older looking T-800 model Terminator named ĎPopsí (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - the pair quickly dispatch both Terminatorís running rampant in their city.

Clearly well prepared for the machines and his eventual arrival, itís here that Kyle is brought up to speed on the latest Skynet developments, which have altered his timeline and requires them to team up once again to stop Judgement Day from happening.

The Terminator franchise is one of the most convoluted in existence, but Terminator: Genisys made the smart move in completely casting-off the dead weight of Terminator 3 onwards. Not only does it improve the film itself, but it reinvigorates the franchise going forward - the same way X-Men: Days Of Future Past did in 2014. Likewise the new cast whilst not perfect do an amicable job, the only caveat would probably getting Emilia Clarke to tone up a little, to at least try and represent Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Terminator: Genisys also does a nice job of explaining the now much older appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and even uses it as an interesting plot device. There is just a litany of easter-eggs and winks to Terminator lore, so if you are a fan of the franchise youíll find a lot to love here.

After so long Iíd also forgotten just how fantastic Arnold Schwarzenegger is in this role. Playing Pops, an older model Terminator that very much harkens back to that loveable machine from Terminator 2, spouting off one-liners at the most impromptu times. Heís also the basis for most of the action shots, and there are some great ones, weíll see him fighting Terminator models old and new in some impressive set-pieces - so thereís plenty action for movie-goers.

But like any time-travel based movie there are plot-holes galore, itís something that just canít be avoided in a franchise that uses these machines to solve any and all problems, regardless of whatever plot device MacGuffin itís currently trying to make you care about. Itís an element that has always been pervasive in the Terminator lore and continues to be so in Terminator: Genisys.

One thing that Terminator: Genisys is missing though is blood. With a measly 12A age rating in order to attract more film-goers itís a smart decision from a monetary standpoint, but slightly hampers what is already a fantastic film experience. It would be great to see director Alan Taylor (Thor: Dark World & Game Of Thrones) release an unrated cut on the eventual DVD release, as that threat you feel is slightly missing, absent the grisly violence these Terminatorís have proven to inflict in past films.

But that doesnít stop Terminator: Genisys primary goal, to be fun - and itís a whole lot of fun - whilst setting up future films and actually making me care once again about the Terminator franchise. One caveat I would recommend for anyone planning to watch Terminator: Genisys is avoiding the trailers, not only do they spoil important plot points but they arenít a great representation of the film - in fact prior to the film, based on the trailers I was expecting to hate it.

Whether you are a Terminator fan or just an action-lover. Terminator: Genisys has you covered, with an interesting time-travel story and action galore - definitely one to catch with friends in cinemas.

Terminator: Genisys is currently available to buy on Blu-ray & DVD via Amazon or on-demand via Amazon Video.

  • Review by
    David Robinson

    Twitter: @5ypher

    Posted on
    5th July 2015

  • 4 Out of 5 Stars
  • Lacks violence of originals

  • Great pace & plot

    Uses lore well

    Explosive fight sequences

    Arnold shines

Film Info

Terminator: Genisys Terminator: Genisys
Rating: 12A
Release Date: 2nd July
Runtime: 2 hr 6 mins
Director: Alan Taylor
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Clarke, Emilia Clarke, Jai Courtney & J.K. Simmons

  • The Terminator
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines

Yes, contains a few scenes of violence and gunfire against humans but no blood. Mostly all violence is robots against robots.

There is an after-credits scene, so be sure to stick around for it.