What lurks outside?

Last year, German director Christian Alvart (Pandorum, Case 39) announced that his production company (Syrreal Entertainment) would be diversifying beyond his own creations; expanding the cinematic medium, by signing on as a producer and helping bring to life - on the big screen - other, would be filmmakers creations - the first step into that new realm is sci-fi thriller S.U.M. 1.

Penned by Christian Pasquariello who is also making his directorial debut, S.U.M. 1 stars Iwan Rheon (best known as Ramsay Bolton from Game of Thrones) as a soldier who has been kept underground his whole life, until his 100 day long deployment that is.

Said deployment involves manning a desolate outpost to guard an automatic defense circle to keep the unseen threat of the “Nonesuch” at bay. But with his fellow comrades seemingly falling by the day, and paranoia beginning to eat away at him, are the Nonesuch waiting for him out there in the darkness, or do they truly even exist at all?

With the release of the official poster, and the not so official trailer (as Alvart informs me) we can now get a much better look into this extremely promising sci-fi film, that will hopefully see a release next year.

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Christian Alvart began his career as a layout designer for German film magazine X-TRO, before working his way up to editor-in-chief and then eventually owning the publication.

Christian Pasquariello has worked as a writer, penning German TV movie Kill Your Darling in 2009.

Christian Alvart knew he wanted to do a project with actor Iwan Rheon, ever since seeing him in the UK television show Misfits.

News by: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 16th November 2016