A whole lot of Shu to go around.

UPDATE: Shu PlayStation Vita European release date has been pushed back to June 7th.

Developers Coatsink have announced their hand drawn platformer Shu - that we compared to Rayman Legends in our review last year - will be making it’s way to the PlayStation Vita handheld next month on May 23rd. With cross-buy in place, current owners on PlayStation 4 will be able to partake in this version at no extra cost, and of course going forward anyone who purchases Shu will own both versions.

But that’s not all.

Shu - Caverns of the Nightjars free DLC

Coatsink have also revealed a string of free DLC stages for current and future owners of the title. The first batch titled Caverns of the Nightjars is available right now, with owners of Shu on the Steam platform currently able partake in the Beneath the Ruins, No Turning Back, and Depths of Discovery levels all for free.

The second free batch of downloadable content will hit on the PlayStation Vita version release date (May 23rd). This will include 3 more yet to be named levels - which will also release alongside the Caverns of the Nightjars DLC having been made available for all platforms - with PlayStation 4 and the new PlayStation Vita owners being able to delve into all 6 levels for free for the first time.

The PlayStation Vita version of Shu will also get a platform exclusive ‘trophy area’ within the game called The Refuge.

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Originally pitched as a release for mid-2015, before being pushed back for further development.

Secret Lunch are a bunch of indie developers from Scotland who graduated from the University of Abertay in Dundee.

News by: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 21st April 2017