Hopping into gamers hands September 1st

Publisher PQube have announced today that 2D, bullet-hell, platformer Rabi-Ribi will be getting an exclusive physical release for PlayStation 4 on September 1st, with a digital-only PlayStation Vita release to accompany it.

Gamers can currently pre-order the PlayStation 4 physical release through popular outlets Amazon, GAME and Play-Asia with a current RRP of around £30.00 with the game title also including a physical soundtrack CD.

Not to confuse gamers, this official release for Rabi-Ribi will be for Europe only; with Limited Run Games still handling the release of not only a physical PlayStation 4 release in North America, but a PlayStation Vita one too.

Presumably those releases will follow the moniker of their name - being of a limited number - with any announcement regarding a specific sale date yet to be fully revealed.

So what is Rabi-Ribi you might ask?

Created by Taiwanese game developer CreSpirit, Rabi-Ribi started its life as a crowdfunded venture in 2015, raising $10k of its $20k goal on Indiegogo. And whilst the venture didnít quite reach its full goal, the effort didnít go unnoticed with the game later being picked up by publisher Sekai Project.

Releasing last year on Steam, the 2D platformer has you playing as Erina, a rabbit turned bunny-girl who awakes on Rabi-Ribi island as an amnesiac. Thankfully you have a little help in the form of your giant Piko Hammer and a fairy friend named Ribbon. It all sounds a little nuts, but Rabi-Ribi shines in the gameplay department mixing familiar 16-bit 2D platforming with over 40 bosses in a action-packed, bullet-hell mashup.

Currently sitting at a full 10/10 rating over on Steam, console and handheld gamers will now finally get the chance to partake in what looks to be a title to keep one rabbit eye on.

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PQube are a UK-based publisher known for releasing titles such as the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series of games.

Rabi-Ribi contains even more post-game content upon completion.

News by: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 20th July 2017