For the collector's among us.

Games released in the physical space for the PlayStation Vita are becoming a rare breed; unicorns within a fast-growing digital world. But one new venture is hoping to change all of that, that venture is called Limited Run Games.

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One of the men behind Limited Run Games is Josh Fairhurst, who himself is an avid collector of physically released games both past and present. Joining the games industry in 2008 as a games tester on the Epic Games title Gears Of War 2, Josh quickly established his own Independent games development company known as Mighty Rabbit Studios. Now with multiple titles under the studio's belt, he aims to take that next step from the realm of developer into a publisher.

Limited Run Games - Breach & Clear PS Vita

The first of those steps being Breach & Clear; a title of Mighty Rabbit Studios own creation, which originally released for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and the PlayStation Vita in a digital only format last year - Breach & Clear is a turn based tactical strategy game in the vein of XCOM. The title will now see a very limited physical release - of only 1,500 copies - each individually numbered for the PlayStation Vita, and put up for sale on October 29th (this Thursday).

Said sale will take place on Limited Run Games own website, which will be Ďfirst-come, first-servedí and kick-off at 11:30AM EST (so 3.30pm for those in the UK) and priced at a very reasonable $24.99. Thankfully Limited Run Games is offering worldwide shipping, so Vita collectorís around the world will have a chance to snag this very limited title too - shipping is estimated to be $9 for those within Canada or Mexico, and $12 - $15 elsewhere in the world.

Limited Run Games - Super Morning RPG - Cosmis Star Heroine - PlayStation 4

But thatís not all. Limited Run Games have also announced their next two titles set for the limited release treatment; the first of which being another Mighty Rabbit Studios game, in Saturday Morning RPG - but this time for the hugely popular PlayStation 4 console - an episodic role-playing game inspired by 1980ís cartoons. Fittingly the game will be limited to just 1,980 copies and will go on sale November 26th at the same $24.99 price point.

And finally the third title set for release will be another game for the PlayStation 4, the Kickstarter funded Cosmic Star Heroine developed by Zeboyd Games. Whilst Limited Run Games havenít yet revealed a specific release date for Cosmic Star Heroine, itís likely backers of the original Kickstarter campaign will have the first opportunity to purchase the limited release - and a larger public sale to take place shortly after.

If you're interested in more news from Limited Run Games, be sure to follow them on twitter - and keep an eye out for a short upcoming interview with Josh Fairhurst here on Crash Landed. And most importantly set your browsers to Breach & Clear on October 29th.

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Mighty Rabbit Studios are based in North Carolina, USA - their first few titles were all published for the iOS platform.

Cosmic Star Heroine had an original funding goal of $100,000 which it surpassed, amassing a total of $132,689 through pledges.

Article by: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 28th October 2015