Limited Run Games discuss Saturday Morning RPG

With their latest very limited release just a mere day away, I managed to catch-up with Josh Fairhurst from Limited Run Games - a small grassroots Publisher - who have already launched their first self-published physical title (Breach & Clear) on the PlayStation Vita to massive success.

So you’re first official ‘Limited Run’ launch of Breach & Clear has succeeded with flying colours, did it meet your expectations?

The release of Breach & Clear completely exceeded our expectations. We had fully expected the game to stay in stock for a week or longer – instead it sold out in two hours. This came as a huge surprise for us as the digital version hadn’t even cracked 2,000 copies sold in the five months since its release. We did not think demand for the physical version would hit this level!

Did the Limited Run Games team suffer any unforeseen problems during the launch of Breach & Clear that you are now implementing for Saturday Morning RPG?

Yes, we did not put a limit in place for Breach & Clear so a few customers ordered 4+ copies. We did what we could and cancelled truly abusive orders, but who are we to determine that when we didn’t have a limit upfront? Some people could be ordering multiple copies for themselves and their friends to save shipping – we couldn’t just blanket cancel everything.

With [our latest release] Saturday Morning RPG we will have an upfront limit of two copies per customer. This should really help more people get orders in! We’re also putting the game up for sale in two different equally sized batches so people all over the world have an equal chance to pick up the game.

Saturday Morning RPG on the PlayStation 4 is limited to a run of 1,980 copies (I’m assuming for stylistic purposes?) was this not possible with the PS Vita release which is currently limited to 2500 copies?

No, the PlayStation Vita [print] run is higher because we wanted to meet demand after Breach & Clear sold out so quickly. We announced the PlayStation Vita run after Breach & Clear went on sale, the [PlayStation 4] run was announced at the same time as Breach & Clear. We didn’t want to go back on what we had already announced for [the PlayStation 4], so we kept the [print] run for that where it was.

Saturday Morning RPG is also another game developed by your team (Mighty Rabbit Studios), could you tell us a little about the title? What is the goal of the game and what inspired its development?

Saturday Morning RPG is an episodic, Japanese-style role-playing game that is heavily influenced by Saturday morning cartoons from the 80s. It takes place across five episodes and has players battling enemies in engaging active turn-based battles (think Paper Mario). I’ve always been a huge fan of 1980s cartoons (particularly Transformers) and I wanted to make an RPG with a non-traditional setting – so I started work on Saturday Morning RPG. The goal was to create a game that was charming, funny, and fun to play. I think we hit all those targets.

An important thing to note is that the game does not rely on the player being familiar with the things it references. It stands well on its own without the references.

I noticed there’s also a soundtrack bundle available for each platform (which is limited to 100 copies) is this part of the aforementioned 1,980 and 2,500 copies or in addition to?

Those copies are part of the entire run – we’ve actually upped it to 375 copies of the game and soundtrack. There will be 1,792 standard PlayStation 4 copies available, along with 188 bundles. On the PlayStation Vita side, there will be 2,313 standard PlayStation Vita copies and 187 bundles.

With both games launching on your website January 29th simultaneously, what time can we expect the doors to open for purchasing?

The first half of the stock will get listed at 10AM EST (3PM GMT) on the 29th [of January], whilst the second half will go live at 6PM EST (11PM GMT) on the same day.

Have you already planned for the next ‘Limited Run’ release? If so what can we expect in the future?

Our next release will be Oddworld: New N’ Tasty on the PlayStation Vita! We’re really excited about this one!

I'd like to thank Josh from Limited Run Games for taking the time out to answer my questions, and be sure to head over to the Limited Run Games webstore when orders for Saturday Morning RPG open tomorrow.

If you're interested in simply playing Saturday Morning RPG it's currently available on the U.S. PlayStation Store for purchase for both PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 - a European digital release is tentatively planned for late February.

Will you be picking up the Limited Run release? Let us know in the comments below.


Mighty Rabbit Studios are based in North Carolina, USA - their first few titles were all published for the iOS platform.

Cosmic Star Heroine is another release planned by Limited Run Games - though a release date is unknown - the game had an original funding goal of $100,000 which it surpassed, amassing a total of $132,689 through pledges on Kickstarter.

News by: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 28th January 2016