Horror recommendations for this Halloween

Halloween is upon us, and you know what that means? The perfect time to rob a bank, after which you can snuggle up to your newly acquired cash on the sofa - by a roaring fireplace of course - then sit back and relax whilst the cops close in on you. So with that being said, here are some Halloween Horror’s that Crash Landed wholly recommends, from recent offerings in both the film, television and gaming realm for you to enjoy over Hallows’ Eve.

The Conjuring 2

If there’s one practice within the horror sub-genre that scares the literal excrement out of me, it's the paranormal. Men in masks I can deal with, they’re the physical (not to mention punchable), but the ethereal? Count me out.

Another creation of horror aficionado James Wan (who was also responsible for making grown men cry with Insidious), and follow-up to The Conjuring - which are apparently all based upon ‘true events’. The Conjuring 2 once again follows couple Ed (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) who are commissioned by the Roman Catholic Church to investigate paranormal goings-on - this time here in bonny olde England - to hopefully help a single mother and her four children who are being terrorised in Enfield - great, ghosts, children and terrorists, is there a worse combination? Set in the late 70’s with plenty of scares (from the minute go) and a plethora of creepy poltergeist shenanigans, you’ll definitely need to keep those cushions handy.

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It Follows

STD’s are the worst right? I mean why don't the little skin-destroying shits understand that you don’t need anymore friends, that you have plenty infestations already. But nope, they just won’t take no for an answer and they’re going to Pontins with you this year whether you like it or not.

It Follows from writer and director David Robert Mitchell is a literal sexually transmitted disease from hell, after a casual fling a young woman (Jay played by Maika Monroe) finds herself being stalked by a ‘supernatural force’, and comes to the conclusion it’s either from the innocent sex she had last night, or the sacred indian burial ground her friends recently unearthed - it’s a no brainer. With scares, psychological underpinnings and a moral message for all - sex is bad mkay - makes it a horror treat.

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Until Dawn

After reviewing Until Dawn last year and being blown away, there’s a reason it's the only horror themed game in our halloween recommendations - in part due to it being just as much a film as a game - and it's made all the more fun with friends.

One year on from a tragedy - where upon twin sisters mysteriously disappeared in the snowy mountains - the group of ‘friends’ - purposefully written as your stereotypical slasher-fodder - reunite on the tragic icy ski-lodge, only they find that they aren’t quite alone. To say more would spoil the fun to be had in Until Dawn, which is best played knowing as little as possible, as you make decision after decision, giving you the freedom to make it a clutsy slasher-horror or truly follow your own horror-hardened wits in order to survive until dawn - or best yet, take turns with friends for the ultimate Halloween party game.

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Scream (TV)

Whilst ‘Ghostface’ is no longer in the picture - due to a rights ownership conflict over the now iconic mask - the spirit of the Wes Craven’ creation is still largely intact within this television spin-off.

Each season (there’s currently two available) a group of mostly unlikeable teens are stalked by a masked killer - sounds familiar enough. Much like the cult slasher-horror it's based upon, the entire show is a veritable whodunnit? Leaving you the viewer, a breadcrumb of clues - through 12 episodes in each season - to figure out not only the would be killer/s identity, but their possible motives too. And whilst the actual ‘damsel in distress’ characters you will care little for - I mean we all tend to root for the killer in these things - the creative murders and mystery to the whole thing will surely have you seeing it through to the end. Not only that, in addition to the two seasons already in the can, a recent extended episode - a Halloween special - was released just a mere few days ago, of a self-contained story with our slasher-fodder trapped on an island.

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You're Next

That dreaded moment; when your girlfriend or boyfriend invites you to meet the parents for the first time and has you praying to a greater power; would a group of masked vigilantes please break through the door now and slaughter everyone to end this awkwardness?

Well that’s exactly what You’re Next from stalwart horror creators Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett brings to the table. During a family get together - to celebrate the parents wedding anniversary - the whole dynasty find themselves under attack from a group of masked killers who seemingly have a hidden motive behind their mayhem. And whilst You’re Next sounds like your stereotypical horror, it ventures far more into the revenge category, as the would be victims turn the tables, and the hunters become the hunted - a satisfying mix of scares and fist-pumping to go with your Halloween.

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Did we miss your favourite? Let us know what Horror you'll partake in or recommend this Halloween!


Director James Wan reportedly turned down a huge amount of money to direct Fast 8 in order to make The Conjuring 2.

The set of The Conjuring 2 was blessed by a Priest before filming took place.

It Follows was originally set for only a VOD (Video on-demand) and theatrical release, but 'following' such positive praise the movie had a theatre-only release.

The main character of Jay in It Follows is short for Jamie, a tribute to the iconic Jamie-Lee Curtis who starred in such films as Halloween.

A packaging error occured on certain copies during the release of Until Dawn on the European box art, indicating the game supports PlayStation Move. Which had been the games original intention in 2012.

In the season 1 finale episode of Scream, the series paid respect to creator Wes Craven who passed away on August 30, 2015.

Writer Simon Barrett plays one of the killers (wearing the Tiger Mask) in You're Next.

Opinion of: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 30th October 2016