Fear The Walking Dead - Pretty Crap.

The following rant contains incessant rambling and vulgarity, you have been warned!

The promise was tantalising. A new The Walking Dead show, set in Los Angeles with a whole host of new and deep characters - for us and the undead to chew on - working in parallel to the already established and award winning show we have been accustomed to. What we received thus far in Fear The Walking Dead is not that - what we are watching frankly sullies The Walking Dead name.

Letís start at the beginning - pre-outbreak - wait, who in their infinite wisdom decided this? Part of the reason why that first season of The Walking Dead worked so well is the suspension of disbelief, by introducing us into a world already overridden with walkers through a single man's perspective, who like us had awoken into this fresh nightmare. Many films past and present have touched upon that exact same material - the point between normal human existence and the shit literally hitting the fan, as our planet becomes overrun with zombies or some other kind of deadly infection - and regardless of budget, they all suffer from similar problems; stretching from the realm of Ďthis is just absurdí to Ďthat is kind of believable I guessí with a lot of plot holes throughout that donít gel with our own reality.

Fear The Walking Dead TV Show

It's also a problem that gets worse with scale, for example itís a lot easier to make an audience believe the apocalypse has happened if a character is trapped and filmed from within a bunker, than it does to create a show or movie with multiple characters each with their own story set throughout the world. As those threads become longer the possibilities of mistakes becomes greater, causing the illusion to disappear and be relegated to the realm of bad television.

So thatís where we are with Fear The Walking Dead, bad television. Having already made a poor choice in deciding to begin before the outbreak and proceed linearly within a large populated city connected to the world. But that doesnít explain the B-movie writing that may as well be the equivalent of The Strain in quality, not at all the staple TV writing we have come to expect from the franchise.

Fear The Walking Dead TV Show - 1

This is made even more painful by the characters currently showcased within Fear The Walking Dead. Could they have found a more boring bunch of simpletons to wait out the apocalypse together? I can barely imagine how in the world a group of talented writers got together around a table, then proceed to come up with some of the most dry personalities to grace our screens. Are we supposed to like any of these people? No one stands out, none of them you care for or even want to see them do anything going forward.

Iíd much prefer it if the zombies just came right now ate them all and put us out of our misery, because putting up with these people going forward is going to be painful. Why are we filling up air space with teenage school drama, from some actors who are clearly over 20 pretending to be kids? I and many others donít give a shit, nor do we care about joint custody or drug addicts or any of the other melodramatic crap they have been throwing at us that is in literally every other TV show out there. Again why did they start here? It makes no sense and could have easily been improved with a few simple changes.

Fear The Walking Dead TV Show - 3

So yes Fear The Walking Dead has started out pretty crap, with itís future looking bleak - at least from a quality perspective - but what could have been done to improve upon what we have? Well for a start ditch the linear format. It works for The Walking Dead due to the previously mentioned suspension of disbelief, but for Fear The Walking Dead itís just a hinderance. What would of worked infinitely better is starting the show 1 year into the zombie apocalypse, and doing flashbacks ala Lost for each character. That way weíre straight into the action and the show could paint a large contrast between how they are, and how they were whilst spending as little time as possible on how everything came to be - which will always be a hinderance.

As it stands, weíre basically just going to have a far inferior version of The Walking Dead with much less interesting, believable characters and likely scenarios, deaths and survival lessons replayed before our eyes that we have already been through umpteem times. Make someone interesting, at the moment they are all grey empty vessels. Make me hate them or love them, but make me feel something, heck Iíd even take a Lori at this point. Thereís still an entire season to play out but Iím not holding out much hope; first impressions count and Fear The Walking Dead didnít give out a very good one - lets hope they can pick up the pieces.


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Unlike The Walking Dead this spin-off does not follow an already established comic story by Robert Kirkman.

AMC has already agreed to a second season, with the first containing 6 episodes and the second season starting in 2016 to have 15.

Opinion of: Dave Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 9th September 2015