Plenty Ghouls N' Ghosts to go around.

UPDATE: Pre-orders are now open.

After the recent launch of Blue Rider, online store Play-Asia are once again knee-deep into their next - and overall third - exclusive physical (not to mention extremely limited) release; with Cursed Castilla EX for the PlayStation 4.

Priced at $29.99 (around £23.50) and limited to a mere 3000 units worldwide, each copy of Cursed Castilla EX comes with mostly obviously the PlayStation 4 game disc itself (and a full-colour manual to boot) but also a numbered certificate of authenticity, soundtrack CD and collector’s card all included in a custom packaged box - which if Blue Rider is anything to go by should be top notch in the quality department.

Pre-orders are set to open tomorrow (April 25th) on the Play-Asia webstore at 11AM Hong Kong time (so 4AM GMT for us) and will run for 3 days, closing on Thursday April 27th. A word of warning though, the sale will be first-come first-served, meaning you’ll want to get your order in as quick as possible to avoid potential disappointment - and more ideally signing yourself up on the Play-Asia website to be notified with a direct-purchase link when made available.

So you may be asking, what is Cursed Castilla EX then? Well, originally releasing digitally last year for PC users (and early this year on PlayStation 4) to a positive critical reception - currently sitting at an 81 on Metacritic. The game itself is a 2D action, platformer, developed by the Barcelona-based Abylight Studios, who aimed to re-imagine a retro classic such as Ghouls N’ Ghosts (Ghosts N' Goblins for the non-Brits) to a whole new generation of players, and seemingly wholly succeeding in that effort.

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Abylight Studios previously worked on a lot of Nintendo handheld titles along with web and iOS games. They are currently hard at work on their latest PC and console title Super Hydorah, a shoot-em up.

The Hong Kong-based eastasiasoft are once again handling publishing duties of Cursed Castilla EX, having also published both the Söldner-X 2 and Blue Rider physical releases.

News by: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 24th April 2017