What worked and what didn't at #SonyE3.

As the audience clears from the Sony E3 2015 conference leaving us literally with our minds blown. Here is what worked for me and what quite frankly didnít.

What Worked

The Last Guardian

Itís like Sony had read my E3 article beforehand to plan their conference, not only did they decide to finally show more of The Last Guardian, but with a release date of 2016. Itís finally coming! And unlike rumours suggested, it seems Fumito Ueda is much more hands on than previously thought - given Director credit. Not only that, but he also made a surprise appearance within the audience, suggesting the relationship between the two is not as strained as some might think. As for the game itself, itís still very much like the game originally announced back in 2009 - that perfect blend of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, but with much more refined visuals. Come 2016 itís going to be a must-buy for PlayStation owners.

E3 Sony - The Last Guardian

Horizon Zero Dawn

The latest game from stalwart Killzone developer Guerrilla Games. Only this time abandoning its first-person shooter roots, to bring us something very different and well absolutely stunning. Horizon Zero Dawn looks to be an open-world, third-person, role-playing game with hints of Monster Hunter and Enslaved in its post-apocalyptic premise, complete with robot animals. Horizon Zero Dawn was just firing on all cylinders, hinting at some kind of scavenging, as your search for parts from your fallen foes foreshadowing a crafting mechanic of some sort. But thatís not all, the various ways of taking down the robotic creatures littering the beautiful landscape - from stealth to systematically destroying parts off of them - was showcased brilliantly. Hearing pre-E3 that Guerrilla Games were working on a role-playing game, I wasnít interested - that has all changed after that gameplay segment.

E3 Sony - Horizon Zero Dawn

Shenmue III

16 years later and my biggest gaming dream has been answered - Shenmue III. I still have to pinch myself, Iím still dreaming right? Announced as a Kickstarter campaign, clearly in partnership with Sony with a deal I assume similar to Amplitude and announced for PlayStation 4 and PC platforms. When the E3 smoke clears, Iím also curious to see where SEGA stand within this deal - regarding their ownership of the Shenmue franchise. With the $2 million funding goal well and truly passed by the time youíre reading this, the game is already sure thing. Now itís all about putting together a solid development team around the veteran creator Yu Suzuki, to realise his vision. Our wait will finally be over, and hopefully a Shenmue IV down the road too (if this one actually sells well of course).

E3 Sony - Shenmue III

Final Fantasy

After leading with a new PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 exclusive Final Fantasy game - titled World Of Final Fantasy - Square Enix decided to blow us away announcing a remake of the iconic Final Fantasy VII. After deflating the balloon, crashing it, setting it alight then proceeding to urinate on us all last year, with the announcement of a PC upgrade of the classic title being ported to consoles, they have now finally bit the bullet. Showcasing the upcoming title with a beautiful CG trailer, giving off a far more grown-up and mature look. With the outright label of remake, Iím also curious to see whether they bring it up to speed, joining their modern Final Fantasy action-combat mechanics - rather than retain the classics turn-based combat. All I know is Final Fantasy fans are happy, and for good reason.

E3 Sony - Final Fantasy VII Remake

Uncharted 4

What a way to close out the show. In true Naughty Dog fashion they entranced us with a live demo - that went horribly wrong of course. With Nathan Drake staring into a crowded market, perplexed by his own video game existence. Thankfully the demo was reset and things got moving and they sure escalated quickly. From a market shootout with produce exploding everywhere, to then hopping onto the back of a 4x4 (with you in control by the way) as you avoided an armoured vehicle targeting you with a machine gun - causing you to go off-road. And it didnít end there, as Nate with Sully in tow attempted get in front of a column of vehicles on a bridge above, seemingly chasing after his brother, who showcased in the initial trailer at PlayStation Experience last year. This is Uncharted, light hearted, set piece-filled and a whole lot of fun. I truly canít wait for 2016 thatís for sure!

E3 Sony - Uncharted 4

What Didn't


After LittleBigPlanet on the PlayStation 3 and surprising us with the lovely papercraft Tearaway on the PlayStation Vita, developers Media Molecule have been quiet. Revealing only a technical demo in 2013 - using the PlayStation Move controller - showcasing how you could mould and interact with your creations on a stage, we have heard nothing since - until now. Dreams was well... a concept. After E3 has ended Iím still not sure if Dreams is anything more than that - a platform for others to build on - I truly donít believe itís a game of any kind. Whether Sony is trying to compete with Microsoftís own game creator Project Spark is anybodies guess - I personally think not - but Sony do give Media Molecule a lot of creative rope, which can result in either some of the best ideas ever and well just ideas. Iím perplexed to think how they can turn Dreams into any kind of marketable consumer product, when itís clearly just a rough concept that hasnít seemingly travelled very far from last years tech demo.

E3 Sony - Dreams

PlayStation Vue

Itís always a difficult thing watching a conference that is targeting specific regions. With a global audience tuning in, Iím always a little puzzled why companies even advertise services, that are clearly only available to .1% of that audience actually watching to begin with. PlayStation Vue is just that, a new service allowing you to get rid of your cable subscription and instead pick and choose channels a la carte for your viewing pleasure. The issue is itís just not really available anywhere, besides the odd few big cities with the U.S. - a novel idea yes, but definitely not one that should be taking up airtime on a gaming show, broadcast to the gaming masses of the world.

E3 Sony - PlayStation Vue


Coming into the conference, I was under the impression the new Sony Virtual Reality headset Morpheus would be taking up a lot more time - some even suggesting as much as 50%. With Sony last year announcing the headset would be releasing in 2016, Iím shocked we didnít get anything other than a passing mention, no price, no specific release date - just a few odd new titles announced for it. Itís a curious thing and really felt out of place, as if Sony were slightly unsure or even embarrassed why they should be showing this thing. With as little confidence as they shown for their new device, Iím curious if they are having second thoughts

E3 Sony - Morpheus

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E3 - otherwise known as the Electronic Gaming Expo - is an annual trade-fair revealing all the latest titles releasing in the near future, within the video game industry. These days the event's conferences are broadcasted online for the masses to watch.

The first true E3 event began in 1995, which was when Sony first revealed their Sony PlayStation console - the E3 event garnered 50,000 attendees from within the industry paving it's future.

Opinion of: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 16th June 2015