Tomorrow's E3 2017 Headlines, Today!

With E3 2017 nearly upon us, its time once again to roll out our satirical E3 headline generator.

After getting into a spot of bother with last years Sony-focused creation, weve decided to expand it even further to include all of the companies attending, pruning any that are no longer relevant and adding a ton more for your amusement.

As usual be sure to share your favourites in the comments below - enjoy.

Which headlines are your favourites? Share them in the comments below.


The E3 2017 show floor opens from Tuesday 13th June until Friday 16th. The conferences begin the weekend prior with EA kicking things off.

E3 - otherwise known as the Electronic Gaming Expo - is an annual trade-fair revealing all the latest titles releasing in the near future, within the video game industry. These days the event's conferences are broadcasted online for the masses to watch.

The first true E3 event began in 1995, which was when Sony first revealed their Sony PlayStation console - the E3 event garnered 50,000 attendees from within the industry paving it's future.

Satire by: David Robinson
Twitter: @5ypher

Posted on 31st May 2017